Monday, April 13, 2009


Despite this weekend’s high potential to continue the mostly terrible previous weekend, all’s well that ends well.

I started with a hike to the Outlets waaaay north of Phoenix and snagged a silk camisole from JCrew that I desired all last year but never purchased, thanks to the $80 price tag. Price this year - $7.98. Amazing. I’ve already worn it twice.

Friday night at 11pm I decided to run a 5k at 7am the next morning at my church’s Easter/spring breakfast event. I was feeling pretty committed, even when I awoke to Phoenix taking on Seattle-like qualities. It was 48 degrees and pouring rain during the drive. It slowed to a drizzle during the actual run, but the dirt path along the canal provided some fun puddles and mud kicking. You can betcha I napped after that one.

Saturday night I somehow became ring leader of movie night – several of us (8 guys and 3 girls, despite my best efforts to invite more females) went to see Monsters vs Aliens. Kids movies are never my first choice, but seeing that there’s nothing much else out, I was willing to take one for the team. It was actually pretty hilarious – I think our row laughed way more than any kids in there.

Thankfully the amazing AZ spring weather was back for a glorious Easter Sunday. Church was especially uplifting, focusing on the resurrection of Christ, I managed to make it through the Easter hymns on the organ, and the choir provided great music. Follow that up with two Easter dinners with grandparents and friends, and that makes for a pretty good weekend.

Now to kill time at work for 2 more hours until my 6pm meeting starts…..

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