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Valentine's Day (aka Flee Your Home)

I've spent the last few New Years abroad, as I think it's an overhyped holiday in the US. Do I really want to dress to the nines, venture out into the cold, pay a ridiculous amount of money to get into an open bar party that's too crowded that I'm not going to enjoy or get my money's worth? No. The rest of the world seems to celebrate in a more appropriate way, so I've been out exploring.

Same with Valentine's Day, especially when it falls on a long weekend. Even though I'd just gotten back from Guatemala and really didn't need a warm vacation in the middle of February like most East Coasters do (yay Phoenix winters!), I booked a ticket anyway after many weeks of indecisiveness. Helps when your travel buddy has enough hotel points for free stays, thanks to work trips. Puerto Rico, here I come!

It's a looooong flight. I guess I didn't realize how long. 5 hours to Miami (a terrible airport). Another 2ish hours to PR. At least I knew I was truly …

Guatemala Trip Part 4, El Fin!

Only four months later am I able to conclude my January trip....pathetic. Since then I've been to Puerto Rico, Mexico, Chicago and Coachella so....lots of catching up to do. Not that I care if you read this, I just want to remember it for myself and have Google keep it until I die.

So....back to Guate! Panajachel, last day. Up to the big market on Thursday in Chichicastenango. Our shuttle picked us up in the morning outside our hotel and we hopped in with a few other tourists to make the 90 minute drive to this amazing (oh so we hard) marketplace.

But before we left I had to buy a jacket I had been eyeing during our walks up and down Pana's main streets. I have a thing for stripes and colors, and I noticed this jacket hanging outside a stand. I stopped to talk to the 2 boys who were running it and tried it on one evening. But I really didn't want to make another trip to the ATM and was attempting to stay on some sort of budget, so I walked away. But the next morning cute lit…