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Utah in the Springtime

Despite claiming I didn't want to get on a plane for a long, long time after coming home from Australia, just five days later I was on a plane to Utah to see Taylor graduate from BYU.  Thankfully, this Utah trip just had some major turbulence, nothing quite like the last time I'd traveled there.

The entire school had a massive graduation ceremony on Thursday (who graduates on a Thursday?).  Can you find Taylor the photo below?
Proud parents, with their 2nd college graduate.  One more to go!

Taylor and Court were in the process of buying a house under a short-sale.  It wasn't quite theirs due to paperwork, but we got the keys and were able to check it out.  The views are pretty stunning!
Friday was the graduation for the business school where Taylor walked and received his diploma.  And then he walked straight out the door and skipped the last part of the ceremony.  Dunzo!
We had family dinner at some Mexican place in downtown Provo.  I had planned to wear a dress to graduati…

An Aussie April

I'm incredibly lucky that I have a job that sent me to Australia for work.  Even luckier that I have a boss who used to live down that way and understands my need for travel and let me go early to explore her former home.

Despite thinking that I would fall madly in love with New Zealand and never want to come home (I mean, I did completely love it and must go back), I think I fell in love a little more with Sydney!  It's certainly a place I could see myself live and enjoy.  There are many reasons why it's one of the best places to live in the world!

I arrived Sunday afternoon and after dropping bags off at the hotel in Darling Harbor, I jumped on a double-decker hop-on, hop-off bus to cram in as many sights as I could, since Sunday was really the only day I had for that.  Sadly, I got on the last bus of the day around 4pm, so I didn't really get to hop off anywhere.  Just once, so I could catch the other bus route that went out towards Bondi Beach.  I couldn't go …

New Zealand - North Island

I already blogged about my adventures on the South Island of New Zealand - the north side had to wait a few months longer.  When planning my trip, I had heard with only a week there, you should pick one island and stick to it.  At first I was convinced that it should be the South Island.  Then I read about the North Island - both had so many amazing different things to see and do!  I really couldn't pick, hence the roadtrip through half of each.  Maybe I didn't get to the most amazing parts (which seem to be at the extreme ends of the country but the middle is pretty awesome as well.  I figure I saw enough to know where I'd want to come back to and where I could skip.

North Island! Wonderful, windy Wellington!  The ferry came around and entered the Harbor (where also enters the Antarctic Winds - yikes!) and I caught my first glimpes of New Zealand's capital city, which soon became my favorite.  Despite the sweeping landscapes that make NZ so incredible, I am still a …