Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Utah in the Springtime

Despite claiming I didn't want to get on a plane for a long, long time after coming home from Australia, just five days later I was on a plane to Utah to see Taylor graduate from BYU.  Thankfully, this Utah trip just had some major turbulence, nothing quite like the last time I'd traveled there.

The entire school had a massive graduation ceremony on Thursday (who graduates on a Thursday?).  Can you find Taylor the photo below?
Proud parents, with their 2nd college graduate.  One more to go!

Taylor and Court were in the process of buying a house under a short-sale.  It wasn't quite theirs due to paperwork, but we got the keys and were able to check it out.  The views are pretty stunning!
Friday was the graduation for the business school where Taylor walked and received his diploma.  And then he walked straight out the door and skipped the last part of the ceremony.  Dunzo!
We had family dinner at some Mexican place in downtown Provo.  I had planned to wear a dress to graduation, however April in Utah is still freezing!  I stuck with boots and jeans.  
Before leaving, I hit the Hogle Zoo with Brett on Saturday.  Quick trip, cold trip, time to go home to Phoenix and stay for awhile.

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