Wednesday, July 03, 2013

More April Adventures with Sigur Ros

Man, it's quiet here in LA now that I'm back from travels.  Roommate is gone, and it seems like everyone else is out of town. I don't quite know what to do with myself!

I booked a flight for little brother to come out and visit next month, and some AZ friends are coming over for the 4th of July and staying here one night, and I'm going to visit AZ (terrible idea in July) and UT soon, so maybe that'll break up the silence. I feel like I should enjoy it while I can, but it makes me a little stir crazy.

I guess I should catch up on blogging while I have all this free time!

So, yeah, back in April I went to Phoenix mostly to see Sigur Ros. And it was amazing and changed my life, so since they were playing in Santa Barbara the next weekend, I rounded up some friends for a little road trip. Found pit tickets on Stubhub for lower than face value, and bam! Marcello, Brandon, Mark, Mark's bro (who I'd actually met in DC years ago) and his wife all piled into a couple cars and made the trek to SB.

We got there in time to grab some tacos at La Super-Rica Taqueria, which had a long line, but was worth the wait. The show started early since it was outdoors, and when we walked in, I couldn't believe how small it was and how close I was going to be to the stage. Total score!

This guy was super into Oneohtrix Point Never. We chatted for a few minutes.

And there's Oneohtrix Point Never, behind the screen for the whole tour.  What's that like?

Okay - here we go again. Can my life be changed twice in 8 days?

Gosh, it was good. Different from the first time, but very touching.

Consider me obsessed. Their newest album has been on repeat lately. You can watch a recent webcast here, and do a 360 view and choose various camera angles. Go check it out.

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