Friday, February 07, 2014

Links I Like

I'm back to Los Angeles this evening to wrap up my life there and catch some concerts, of course. A happy Friday to you, with some links I like.

  • I'm staying with my brother now and he's quite the techie. He talks about Bitcoin a lot and I still can't quite wrap my head around it. This interactive page and this site helped me out a bit. 
  • We ALL did this.  Did it work
  • I'm still bummed I never made it to a taping of the Price is Right (they tape early in the morning during the week), but if you ever go, here's how to win if you get called to come on down! 
  • This is kinda creepy, but did you know that the Nazis had a house in California? Hitler never made it there, but you can see photos of the place. 
  • So many of us are cashless now, would we give to the homeless if they had a credit card reader? I've often wished that were the case. 

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