Monday, February 03, 2014

Musical Monday - Lauren's 2013 Favorites

FINALLY - here's my favorite music of 2013. I tried to make it easier on myself by keeping track all year long, but I'm still way past due. I used to actually burn and mail discs to people (remember those days?), so I would spend Thanksgiving break burning and mailing, writing liner notes and trying to keep everything to a two disc limit.  Spotify has changed things quite a bit and made me a bit lazier, but better late than never. Plus, you know, the whole getting a job in another state and trying to move right after holidays kept me a little busy.

There's stuff you've heard and hopefully some new stuff you hear and like. It's sort of in an order, but I'm not nearly as worried about track order and splitting things into appropriate volumes as I used to be. It is what it is.

Happy listening! Hope you enjoy!

Playlist embedded below, or link here: Lauren's 2013 Favorites.
Oh, and Atoms for Peace would totally make an appearance here, except for, you know...

Past years here:
2012 - Lauren's 2012 Favorites
2011 Volume I - Best of 2011 - Disc 1
2011 Volume II - Best of 2011 - Disc 2
2010 Volume I - 2010 - Volume 1
2010 Volume II - 2010 - Volume 2

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