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Links I Like Lately

A few things I've seen on the Internets lately:

I  love languages and maps - what languages are spoken in your state?Life in weeks!I'm still decorating my house and have a lot of walls to fill. This site helps you fill up a wall in one fell swoop. Bored? Take a quiz!Or watch these satisfying GIFs. I love #4. 

Musical Monday - October Concerts

October 2014 in LA was a really solid month for shows.

I was stoked for Disclosure and glad I made the decision to hit up Pomona, after the Hollywood show sold out. It was during the week but late enough that traffic wasn't bad. Plus Nathan was in town from Utah and we went together.

I started out in the front of the crowd, but all those young kids were smothering us with selfies and selfish space hogging, so we moved to the back, spread out, and danced our hearts out. So much fun.

The very next night I was at the Hollywood Bowl for a show I'd waited months for.

So excellent. I'd never seen Flea in action before, and man. He just doesn't stop. This was a great  night.  James Holden opened, and that was solid. 

A day or two later, I went out dancing all night to some electronica. It ended up being a strange night, going out with an ex, meeting a Jewish guy on the dance floor who said we probably wouldn't work out since I'm Mormon, and having a former half-flame …

Mom and Dad Visit LA

Mom and Dad had to go to Vegas for a few days last October, so they swung by LA for a couple days on their way home.

I made reservations at Ink for dinner on Thursday. I think Dad was a bit skeptical of the small plates style, but by the end he was full, and we were all raving about the smoked trout. And I still love the apple dessert with the burnt wood semifreddo. Then we drove up to the Observatory for some LA night views.

On Friday I decided we should go up to Santa Barbara and Solvang. I'd never been to Solvang, despite having close friends who grew up there, so I was overdue.  We drove into the Danish town and headed towards the vintage motorcycle museum. Dad bought a bike a few years ago, so I figured he'd enjoy this.

It was closed when we tried to open the door, but we noticed a sign that said we could call and someone would come open the door for us. All of the bikes are owned by one guy, and his former girlfriend manages the place now, so she opened it up and gave …

Musical Monday

Sharon dear, why did you cancel your SLC show next month? I'm sad I won't see you.

But your new record is lovely. I got hooked on the first two minutes of Afraid of Nothing and had to hit that on repeat for awhile, but when I finally made it through the rest of the album, I just felt good about it.

Have a listen via Spotify below.

Stuff I Did in October.

I had some shabu shabu in Little Tokyo and hit the Standard downtown. I watched Wadjda, which was excellent. 
Pie at Brite Spot. Better hope they have the key lime - it's divine.

Bryan from college came into LA for a whirlwind 48 hour weekend. He's a big fan of the movie Clue, and there was a shadowcast performance at Nuart, right near my house. He flew in on Friday night from NYC and we grabbed some Vietnamese at Nong La, then headed over to the midnight show.

Since Bryan had never been to LA, I had to show him around a bit. Lunch near the Grove, where my drink matched my purse.

Then over to Hollywood to walk around.

Candy store?

Mulholland Drive.

Bryan's always posting on Facebook about his cooking adventures, and they always look delicious. He put together some veggie lasagna that was delicious.

On Sunday we hit up LACMA, which Bryan would later be excited to see in an episode of Modern Family.

Bryan flew away on Sunday night. Then Monday, my friends the Moth and the F…

The Rest of September in LA

Ryan wanted to take Cameron and me out to lunch for our birthdays. He's the best. We had 800 Degrees, of course.

I missed this little face.

I went to Glow and was a little underwhelmed.