Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Post-Birthday September in SLC

And the rest of last September. I took someone to the airport and the sky was just great.

Aunt Ruth Ann came to town for a conference, so we met up for dinner at City Creek and a walk around Temple Square.

Friday lunch break at Los Machetes.

I stopped at a friend's place one night for a couple hours, and when I came out, my windshield wiper looked like this. Crazy! I have no idea how they bent the metal.
Thankfully my car wasn't more damaged, but this is such a rare part that needs replacing, so no dealerships in the area had it. I had to special order it, then Taylor helped me put it on. Glad for no rain that week! We even took the broken one and tried to twist it with pliers and couldn't do it. No idea how this happened.

Hallie visit. We played with money.

Courtney's store Tatertot Shoppe was part of a small shop gathering in Provo.

Hallie is a frequent model of hair bows.

I said goodbye to summer with a bonfire and some friends up in a canyon.

Neighborhood stroll.

Meghan brought me a piece of LGO from Phoenix. So good.

Back to PG so Taylor could get my car fixed up. We had some BBQ and then I thanked him with Krispy Kreme.

New birthday shoes for me. I'm in love with them still.

Cher was in town, and we had dinner at Rye and went off to see Interpol. I used to be in love with them, but not as much anymore.

PJ and I met up for a Saturday burger at Lucky 13, which people in SLC rave about. I liked the food, though not my favorite environment.

Visited The Press for some pie and cider.

I tried to make copycat Levain Bakery cookies. Wish I could just go to NYC and get some.

I took a hike up Ensign Peak one Sunday afternoon.

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Meagan wanted to go to Katy Perry and couldn't find anyone to join her, and I eagerly put my hand up. The show was sold out but she found decently priced tickets on KSL. Tegan and Sara opened, they were great, and Katy was amazing, as usual. I'd say she's got the best arena tour out there.

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