Friday, June 05, 2015

November Recap

I've got a couple more recaps to finish out 2014. Let's go back to November.

Celisse and I met at Mt Timp one cold Saturday for a temple session.

Then I went to see Hal. Crazy how much she's changed since then!

I looked up my old place in LA which has been rennovated. Um, yeah, Haleigh and I paid $1695 when we first moved in....

Taylor and Courtney took a little trip down to Peru for over a week, so I had babysitting duty for a few days. I wasn't sure I could handle single parenting for a weekend, but I did alright. Just surprised at how many diapers the kid goes through!  We watched some baby sign language videos. 

I asked her to smile and got this.

Still had a couple nice days in November, so we went outside.

Sunday evening I took her to Courtney's parents, since I had to work, of course. I missed Hal though, so I went back to visit during the week. She was excited to see me, though this photo doesn't show it.

These cookies from Harmon's - man. So good.

Took a little walk up to Gilgal Garden.

Ate some Ruby Snap. Still don't know how I feel about these cookies. They're pretty good, I guess?

And the newish-then chocolate pie at The Press. It's great.

My first ballet of the season! Giselle was so lovely. I didn't know the story before, so I did some reading before I went, but I just loved it.

Sergio and I took a little road trip down to the Springville Art Museum for their religious show. It was really good. Below - women of the Bible. And I think the salt under the wooden balls is from the Dead Sea.

I know the artist who did this piece.

These next couple are from Corinne Geertsen, and I just loved her stuff! She takes old photographs and morphs them into something new. So cool.

Sergio and I stopped for taco lunch at Don Joaquin's store. It was raining and the tacos were good.

I made an awesome pie - if you can get over the raw eggs.  But pretzel crust!

And lasagna soup. It's so delicious with all that cheese.

Marcello was in town.

We saw Hunger Games. I actually drove north of SLC to see this, and I never, ever drive north.

Derrick was in town for Thanksgiving. We met up and had some lunch at Trolley Square.

Neighborhood photos.

Shopping small on Small Business Saturday. Great little stores in my 'hood.

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