Tuesday, June 28, 2016

February Flashback

I'm only a few months behind - let's recap.

I finally figured out that I can pop over to The Depot on a Friday afternoon when their box office is open, so I can avoid all those surchargers. CRJ - here I come!

Getting in the Fourth of July mood a little early.

Nathan found a great little restaurant in the Avenues - Cucina - that was holiday family style dinners on Tuesday night. We got Adam and Dana to come, and the four of us had a lovely rib dinner, hanging out on long banquet tables with the rest of the neighborhood. It was lovely. And sadly we haven't returned. But it was great.

I'm trying to forget what the cold was like.

Matt and Melanie got a group together for snowshoeing. I'd never done it and wanted to try, so I popped up to the U and rented some shoes from their student life center. They weren't great and the trail we were on didn't really need them, but whatever. Next time I'm going for wrap around crampons for my shoes.

We went up Millcreek Canyon on Desolation Trail.

It was a really gorgeous day.

Hanging out with the nieces. I love when she wears that little sweater that I got for her.

Patrick was in town, working to bring indoor football back to SLC with a new twist on it. He told me he'd never taken a selfie before. Ha. We hung out at the Little America - always a cozy spot.

Um... an era gone by.

MoTab and Utah Symphony performed a Mahler Symphony at the Tabernacle one evening.

Solo date to Romeo and Juliet on Valentine's Day. Awesome.

Time for sweets. Ruby Snap and a donut run one day at work.

Easter prep.

I like being around for bedtime routine.

Provo temple open house! Finally made it there with Meghan.

I rounded up a few people to head up to Crystal Hot Springs in Honeyville. On the way we stopped at Maddox, quite an institution. I had no idea. But fresh meats and raspberry honey butter and endless rolls. Way to stuff ourselves before getting into a swimsuit.

We baked in the tubs for a couple hours and then came home all relaxed.

Kim and Abe came to the hot springs, and then I hung out with them the next day, when Abe wasn't sleeping.

I attended a prospective MBA student dinner. Fun time, but I just can't seem to say that it's a good path for me.

This opened by my office and it's dangerous. Dr Pepper dreams.....

Work schmerk.

Winter calls for pho.

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