Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Stuff I Did in April

I think about blogging all the time lately, but life has been nutso - work's super busy, I had a couple little trips, events every night, lots of random errands, and a lovely person that I want to spend all my time hanging out with.

So here's a quick recap of last April. Someday I'll catch up and tell you all about Cuba. And my amazing Chicago eating adventure.

April means conference and waffles. Adam and Dana had a gathering on Saturday morning. I brought the bacon.

Then I visited the babes. 

Her poor little bald strip! Pleased to mention it's gone now.

Pillow fort and conference at Lacey's on Sunday.

This was my favorite message of that day.

Spring was in the air!

Sigur Ros tickets went on sale. If you follow me on social media, you know how this turned out.

I got into Snapchat. This faceswap was amazing. A friend ended up posting it on social media and it was like by a famous art critic, so there's that.

At work I won the March Madness bracket challenge out of 200 people. My team got a pizza party and I got lots of cred.


Yuhi came to town! I met her and her family at Temple Square. Her twins are darling.

Lots of memories with this girl from our Georgetown and DC days.

Best meal from my Iraqi friends.

And their bird is pretty cool too.

Jason and I decided we should go running in the park and when your boss gifts you with headbands, you have to have proof you worked out.

Abe and I went north to the Georgetown accepted students reception and met all the seniors and their families and other alums in the area. Really fun night!

Life lessons from Cory. The person you date needs to have all those things. And later that night I'd be going out with someone who mostly has all of those things :)

<Insert first date with Anthony here> Lots of flirty texting ahead of time, and when the day came to actually have dinner together, neither of us could really believe it. We had Ethiopian and talked so much after. Spoiler alert - six months later we're pretty mad about each other. More on this later.

The next day I had to go on a date with someone else (and so did Anthony) and then I had to break up with that person, which was a drag, and I could hardly pay attention during that date because I was so distracted. Fun times.

More babes time one weekend. Little Q is just the sweetest.

This one was tired that day. But still darling!

Neighborhood walks with Nathan.

I grabbed tickets to see S. Carey, and boy was I excited!!

Seriously, Snapchat is so fun. I don't know why I resisted for so long.

I rounded up a gang for trivia night - it had been so long! We tried Gracie's, which has great food, but it was really loud in there. We ended up in 2nd place!

Sometimes you just need donuts.

Meghan finished her MBA! I'm so proud of this girl. She rocked it.

I went out to dinner with her and her parents, and then we had the best cake ever.

Ballet time! That Nijinsky was quite scandalous.

And that same night - Frightened Rabbit with Jenn! Forgot how much I dig this band. They were great.

Before Meghan left on her post-grad European tour, I made her teach me bread making. I'm not too good at the kneading part.

Nathan found this treasure at the DI. It's full of wisdom to help you maintain any modern relationship.

Hello to the camping trip advice!

This one does love camping, and I'm getting there.

Lacey had a birthday! We managed to throw her a surprise birthday dinner. And since we'd talked at work about these sketchy plans she had for the night that she was way confused about, it was really fun to see her actually surprised!

Anthony and I ventured out to Skully Valley and Iosepa - a Polynesian community a little ways out from SLC. Really interesting story.

Boom. April. Yeah. 

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Anonymous said...

Yuhi! Yay! Her girls are so adorable!! And I'll just be waiting over here for the Anthony "more on that later" :)

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