Monday, October 17, 2016

Stuff I Did in May (When I Wasn't Traveling)

Ever microwaved pepperoni for a few seconds and made it cripsy, then topped it? It's good. 

And cookies! What a combo.

Azhar makes me a feast every time I see her.

I got a window seat at work! I love seeing those mountains. Except next week I lose it again.

Oh, Snap.

Flowers from the dear one.

We took a little field trip from work to Costco before they stopped taking AMEX cards.

Celebrated at Los Machetes.

As seen in my neighborhood.

Little Q.

Anthony and I headed south to see S. Carey in a living room show.

Cozy space, hanging out on couches and rugs. It was a lovely evening with some great music.

Then we went up to Provo's best makeout spot! Except we didn't even make out. We talked. Promise.

Late night burritos.

More Iraqi food.

My pizza party prize at work for winning March Madness!

Meghan and I headed out to the Great Saltair to hang out with Disclosure for the night. I should visit the great salt lake more often.

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Oh, Snap! This is terrible.

This made me LOL.

Team outing at bowling!

I'm Bubbles.

Celisse and I walked the park one night. Such pretty light.

A Saturday at Penny Ann's. Best pancakes!

And a night of Cupbop. They gave us free stuff.

Finally got to Elisa's shop - The Baking Hive! Her cakes are so good.

We hiked in Farmington and lost the trail but it was so pretty anyway.

Wowza, there's a lot of food photos in this post.

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Brigham said...

Just here waiting for La Sera pics

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