Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Life Lately

Today is little Q's first birthday! I think she's just so fun. Ignore my pile of laundry in the background. 

Tonight's the first night it's getting really cold and it's gonna snow and I just had to turn on my heater and I'm scared of winter cause the air quality is already really bad. Ugh.

I also just started a holiday job at a favorite store and I kinda love it, even though it makes for long days and no weekends. Not sure why I did it exactly? And then I'm taking the GRE in 2 weeks and trying to get into grad school that starts in January, which is nuts, but I need to because I'm probably getting laid off next year. Time for skill building and networking and recruiting services!

The Crown is excellent (especially episode 5 - whoa) and I'm going on a diet next week and this guy is still really great.

This has been your November update.

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