Thursday, December 08, 2016

What Day is It?

Whoa, things have been moving in a whirlwind for the last couple weeks. I walked into work on Monday this week so confused, actually thinking it was a Friday. The next day I thought it was a Thursday. I'm clearly all turned around.

I took on a holiday season job at a store in the mall, since I'd worked there in a prior life and loved it. I was at the mall one day and saw their sign for holiday help, and I got all inspired to apply for the fun of it and the discount. It's been good, but it also means a busy schedule. Lately I have been on closing shift on Thursday and Friday nights, and then working Saturday morning through most of the day. Weekend plans with anyone are shot, though I do manage to see Anthony.

In the middle of two jobs and holiday events, I've been scrambling to take the GRE and finish a grad school application. As of Monday this week, that is complete! I took the GRE on a Tuesday, so I was gone from work most of the day, and it made the rest of the week feel strange. I worked so much in the following days, somehow that weekend still made it to a coworker's dinner party and Anthony's Army holiday gathering, and give a short lesson at church. And on Friday Anthony had an outpatient procedure on his heart, and I took him to the hospital early and picked him up between my two jobs so he could get home and rest. I did enjoy being his caretaker, and I know he'd be just as good or better if the roles were reversed.

This week I've had a Christmas concert and took my Iraqi friends to Temple Square to see lights, and I had to interview a Georgetown applicant and complete another lesson for church this week, and I'm working even more extended hours at the mall this weekend, but hey! Sure keeps things interesting. I'm impressed that I'm actually showing up to the right place at the right time lately.....

And now, a couple photos from Black Friday adventures before I had to go to work that day... Back to the grind. Hopefully I'll catch up on this year's adventures on here before the end of the year!

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