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February Flashback

I'm only a few months behind - let's recap.

I finally figured out that I can pop over to The Depot on a Friday afternoon when their box office is open, so I can avoid all those surchargers. CRJ - here I come!

Getting in the Fourth of July mood a little early.

Nathan found a great little restaurant in the Avenues - Cucina - that was holiday family style dinners on Tuesday night. We got Adam and Dana to come, and the four of us had a lovely rib dinner, hanging out on long banquet tables with the rest of the neighborhood. It was lovely. And sadly we haven't returned. But it was great.

I'm trying to forget what the cold was like.

Matt and Melanie got a group together for snowshoeing. I'd never done it and wanted to try, so I popped up to the U and rented some shoes from their student life center. They weren't great and the trail we were on didn't really need them, but whatever. Next time I'm going for wrap around crampons for my shoes.

We went up Millcreek …

Musical Monday - Phantogram

I dig these guys - glad they're coming back to SLC soon!

Musical Monday - Wye Oak

Wye Oak dropped a new record recently - Tween - and I'm in love. It's been on repeat, and I'm happy they're rolling through SLC soon.

Check it:

My First Sundance Film Festival

My first Sundance!

I didn't move to Utah in time to really make the 2014 festival, and in 2015 the ticket process and Park City hoopla was still a bit overwhelming for me, and a friend had an extra ticket for one film that year and it looked terrible, so I never felt too bad about missing the festival. But something switched in 2016 and I researched and read and realized that a main ticket office is three blocks from my house, so let's do this!

And the most beautiful thing is that all the films also show in SLC, most within a 2 mile radius of my house, so I don't even have to deal with Park City (parking and shuttling to theaters, celebrity hoopla, whatever). I bought a number of tickets in advance and did waitlist for a couple more, and here's what I saw. I honestly enjoyed every one of these.

1) A Flag Without a Country - documentary about Kurdistan. And then you can watch Helly Luv's music video.

2) Halal Love - a hilarious take on romantic relationships in the…

Musical Monday - Blind Pilot

Been awhile since these guys had something out, but if this track is any indication of the forthcoming album, I'm excited about it!!