Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Last November, with a Little Trip to Austin

Stuff from last November!

At work we made little bandanas for pets in shelters. I guess when they have a colorful thing around their neck they are more adoptable? I tried, but I have few art skills. 

Cher came to town and we met up at Puro Peru. I'll always eat lomo saltado. Always. It had been awhile since I'd seen her and it was so good to catch up.

Ugh. That election was a mess. Still wishing for a do-over. But I voted. Definitely not for that guy.

Apparently I played with candy.

The parents came to town. We had La Hacienda, per usual.

Azhar gave me some of this stuff one day. It is amazing!

Little Q turned one. Very interested parties in those presents.

Courtney's so good at parties.

The whole fam came over to my place one night.

H has the cutest little profile. Those cheeks!

We walked down to Dolcetti for some gelato.
Work potluck lunch.

Donuts helped after those election results.

Someone got really into turkey day. This might've been at young women's? Or a training session when I started a part time holiday gig at Crate & Barrel? Yeah, I took a holiday temp role in retail. Throwback to when I worked there just outta college. Retail is fascinating to me, but working weekends is not. Never again.

I took off in early November to spend Meghan's birthday weekend with her in Austin. Packed quick, left quick, and halfway through the flight I remember I didn't pack contact lenses. Whoops. After our Friday morning workout, introducing Meghan to OrangeTheory, we popped over to Costco and they were able to look up a prior prescription. The eye doc gave me some samples and got me through the weekend. They were so helpful, and yes, I wrote a complimentary note to the store manager.

We tried to go to La BBQ, since it blew my mind during my first Austin trip, but the line was insane and we were hungry. Tamale House for the win!

Friday night we had reservations at Emmer & Rye. American food served dim sum style. You order a few things from the menu, and then there's a cart that comes around with more options. You take what you want or don't. I loved everything about it, from the food to decor to the fonts used.

Obsessed with sesame still.
Their take on nachos - homemade rye crackers with fresh cheese and hatch chiles.
We don't drink alcohol, but the bartender made us something amazing. Always go for the mocktails and challenge the bartenders!

After dinner we snagged some hot, fresh donuts on the street and snuck onto the hammocks at the Four Seasons.

I wasn't going to leave Austin without La BBQ. We tried again and prepared ourselves for the line.


Hung out around South Congress for the afternoon and found some great courtyards.

And some great cards at a shop.

I always want the expensive ones.

Dinner reservations for Saturday at Barley Swine for my second visit, but they moved to a new location.

Dessert at Lick, next door.

Sunday tour of Friday Night Lights locations. Hi, Matt Saracen's house. Bless that show.
Bike ride along the lake.

Came back to Utah to do Thanksgiving with Anthony's family. Then we explored out near the great Salt Lake during the break.

I got a temporary tattoo at Meghan's house. Anthony got a real one.
And Meghan and I made wreaths with fresh garland. Smelled so good!
I made Anthony go to the Messiah sing a long downtown. I forgot to bring the songbook and I made him go back and get it. I stood in a parking space on the street while I waited for his return. We barely made it on time, but we did!

Snow came. Ugh.

Not pleased.

I took the GRE so I could get into grad school at the U. And then, exhausted, I went over to see the little ones since the testing center was close by.

I guess that was November!

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