Friday, September 01, 2017

Stuff in October 2016

Quick recap of last fall.  Maybe I don't remember where half of this stuff is, but whatever.

At work we took a cooking class to learn different sauces. I tried it out at home with some success.

I continued to visit Azhar, who makes me lots and lots of food. Iraqi and American.

She also gave me a whole chicken from a halal butcher. I'd never cooked a whole chicken before...
Anthony and I went to Park City with my brother to see Jimmy Eat World. Forgot how much I love those guys.

If you're listening....

I guess I like the color blue. 

Anthony and I drove the Bountiful Skyline one afternoon. There was snow.

We went to a wedding of one of Anthony's friends. He left them this advice. And I ran into my amiga in from LA; she's a cousin of the groom.

Canadian Thanksgiving at Meghan's! Best holiday.
I roasted that whole chicken. Got over my fear. 

It was good but....

Anthony and I saw Phantogram. Worst venue, but good show. They were the first band I saw when I moved to SLC.

Corn maze time! Every year we take the teenagers at church, and the corn maze part is great, but when they want to go in the haunted house, I hate it. But I'm the grown up so I've got to do it, right?

Krystle also hated it, so her coping mechanism was to ask all the scary people to take a selfie. We had some good laughs.

Lacey brought me a lobster tail from Mike's Pastry. So so good. Took me a couple days to eat it, cause it's so big.

 Fall colors came out.

Ballots arrived. Ugh. Can we get a do-over on the entire election cycle, please?

Thai food to celebrate six months of dating.

He loves to fill up my phone with these.

Meghan came to town from TX. Magleby's unlimited french toast!

Meghan and I drove up to Sundance for a bit.

Niece time.

El Mexiquense was pretty good.
Cornbelly's time! My first visit.

San Diablo churros. Tasty, but long wait and a tad pricey.

Sunday treats. Slightly salted rice krispy treats with m&ms. So good.

Anyone else listen to this band back in the day? I really liked them.

The remains of a great Greek dinner at Aristo's with Nathan, Adam and Dana.
New hairs.

I miss her little mohawk.

Mermaids for Halloween.

OrangeTheory had hell week. It was hard!

I completed the week and got the shirt :)
We moved desks at work and had a fly problem in the window. I got some of these guys to try and mitigate the issue. Turns out they're kind finicky and hard to grow. I don't have a green thumb so...

I got some chocolate as a belated birthday gift. Delish! That raspberry one especially.

With the young women at church one week, we made a fall dinner in pumpkins.

I got to sneak into an opening reception to see the new Eccles Theater downtown. It's gorgeous.

Anthony and I drove down to Diamond Fork hot springs. Nice little hike to some pools in the rain.

We had to hike a couple miles, nothing hard. I changed into my swimsuit in a bathroom at the trailhead and it was the worst smelling thing I'd ever been in. Should've done that in the car.

The pools. Warm, but not too hot. Not that deep. People haul all sorts of drinks and coolers back here, not quite sure how.

We hiked back in the dark. Couldn't see a thing. Except creepy gloves.

More Halloween prep with the nieces. 

Finally got to try Black Sheep in Provo with Haleigh.
And then we walked down the street for a Moth show.

See you again soon, fall!

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