Wednesday, December 27, 2017

February Flashback

February stuff from 2017. Let's get through this. Summary - it was cold outside, Anthony was still gone at Army, and I was getting through school and work. Pretty boring. 

Facetiming from his bunker - standing in one spot in his room that had a decent wifi signal. 

I was drawing diagrams about databases.

Mom came to town so we could buy a wedding dress. See the previous January post where I found the dress while shopping with Meghan. Felt kinda weird/bad to call my mom and tell her I went dress shopping without her and found a dress, but she was alright with it. She came out for a weekend, and we made the dress official. And yeah, then telling Anthony - hey, no pressure, you're out of town adn stuff and we're not engaged, but I bought a wedding dress, no pressure. Ha! Glad I can say now that it all worked out. Weddings take time to plan, I just wanted a head start!

I took mom to Harmons. It's magic. I could live in here.

We scoped wedding venues. If I did a winter one, I definitely would've gone with Hardware Building.

Tried out Crust Club!

There's the inside. It was pretty good.

Super Bowl time - I rolled solo to a party, mostly for the food and commercials.

Sushi outing at work.

Tried McConnell's. Don't remember if I loved it or just liked it. Probably just liked, given the price tag.

Trader Joe's pizza making FTW.

Hahahahaha. Photo Booth.

I hit my breaking point of long distance.



Blue Lemon lunch followed by Valentine's Day ballet with the girls.

Anthony sent me flowers for the love holiday to my office. Very lovely.

Since Lacey left Amex, we had to start having our own lunches. She came to Trio by my house, easy enough.

Someone sent me this - so true. Nothing as good as the original Dr!

I attempted a raspberry buttercream frosting, inspired by Meghan. It didn't work so well though it tasted fine.

My work nickname is Bubbles, and I got some Bai Bubbles. Yeah.

I started watching this lady's paint swirling videos on Insta, and it's great.

Gelato. Two block away yet I make it there only a handful of times a year. Shame.

Lovely day.

More homework.

More Facetime. Look at his shorn head!

My new computer crashed. I called for help. This guy stayed on the phone for ever with me. Thanks, Dell.

Becca H and I had lunch one time to catch up. Chile Tepin is pretty good.

It was our mutual friend Bill's birthday, so we sent him this photo.

Banbury, yes.

Birthday dinner for Sami with the Roberts crew (Anthony's fam).

Snow. Ugh.

But Moochie's makes it better.

This one I do remember liking. And I don't think I've seen this flavor since at stores.

Hooray! Anthony passed at Army. Soon to be headed home!

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