Thursday, August 02, 2018

2017 - April Adventures

April 2017 recap!

General Conference and cinnamon rolls. Predictable. 

We took a walk that afternoon to Gilgal Garden.


Couldn't stop looking. I still sometimes look at my left hand, and I'm like - what, I'm married?

Those engagement roses.

Trip prep.

An outing to Tea Bar. I love their Taiwanese snacks.

Scouting locations for engagement photos. He wanted something gritty.

More trip prep. I highly recommend these things.

Florence brought her new puppy to work. Best.

Anthony shaved. Gross.

Touched up my purple hair!

For Lacey's birthday we did a watercolor paint night. Not so much a class, just pick something and do it. I am usually paralyzed when it comes to visual arts, but I did alright and kinda enjoyed myself.

Aubrey is a true artist though. Look at that lion!

Lone Star Taqueria is always good. Especially after painting.

Niece time. They look so little here.

Her eyes :)

Temple date with some fried food after in American Fark.

April snow showers bring....

Time to go to Europe. I wrote all about that on time, actually.

Time to make Anthony get nice clothes for engagement photos. He'd wear a band t-shirt every day if he could.

Lady lunch date at Feldman's. So good!

Marcello came to town.

He's a good sport.


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