Friday, August 03, 2018

May Stuff 2017

Niece time.We had dinner and grabbed Bahama Bucks, the best shave ice anywhere.

I recall H saying - Anthony, you're gonna be my uncle soon.

Neighborhood pizza at Nono. It's delicious.

The Masonic Temple in SLC had an open house, so I went to check it out. So did lots of other people.

Meghan came back to town to help me pull a wedding together. We hit Ikea hard.

We also attend Miles and Huong's wedding. They had fun coloring books for the kids. They also held their wedding in an old Forever 21 space.

Miles used to run a pie shop, so they bashed a cake pinata and served pie instead.

Yep, I was about to be a bride and a veil really makes it feel that way.

My team at work threw us a surprise engagement party (surprise to me, Anthony knew) and it was so nice and thoughtful.

We took engagement photos and celebrated with dinner after at Bombay House. It was a sort of a stressful night.

Mom and Dad came to town. We got cupcakes, among other things.

Baby Q was not happy.

Dinner at Station 22 in Provo. Not bad.

Wedding venue tour. They have goats.

This face peel is the best.

We got Anthony a wedding suit and some new shoes. My dad wanted to welcome him to the family with a pair of Allen Edmonds.

Anthony wanted these boots for a wedding and I said no. Maybe later.

Mountain adventure one Sunday afternoon.

Wedding registry shopping. That was actually a fun part.

I also committed to getting my nails done. It was fun for awhile, but I'm not the kind of girl who would keep it up. Those things came off after the wedding.

Safety first.

We had an unexpected trip to Idaho over Memorial Day weekend. Anthony's brother was camping up there with friends and had a stroke. Anthony called me on Saturday afternoon when he heard the news, so we popped in the car and went right away to the hospital. His brother had a long recovery over several months and is doing fine now, thankfully.

Road trip shots.

We made it back Sunday night for a fire in the canyon.

Memorial Day breakfast at Penny Ann's. Their breakfast nachos are bomb, plus they come with Heavenly Hot Cakes.

Afternoon swimming at Lacey's.

And one more BBQ at Meghan's.

Driving home that night, I witnessed a car drive into a Starbucks. It was nuts - I made my first 911 call, but they were already on it.

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