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Archives - June 2017

June 2017 Archives

I got a haircut in Orem and this little one came next door afterwards to get yogurt with me.

Brunch at Sweetlake Biscuits. It's delicious.

Hanging with Anthony's niece.

Trader Joe's has the easiest ingredients for homemade pizza.

A friend from church is friends with an artist, who came to teach us a class. I have zero visual artistic talent, but I signed up and made a painting! Watch the progress. One key is to start with a solid color underneath to make the canvas cohesive.

Samples from the crowd - we all did pretty well!

Sushi Monster's best value plate.


Proper Burger's loaded fries.

So much confetti, you can't even see NKOTB. Marcello once again got us the hookup, so I took a few girlfriends who wanted to see a piece of boyband history.

Joey was my crush back in the day, but I'd go with Jordan now.

A friend from high school came into town for some training, and we managed a hike. Still lots of snow in early June! We turned back.

Always happy to see Poteau friends - I'm glad Jana got in touch!

Brunch at Roots. So good.

Hiking adventure in Millcreek.

Indian deliciousness.

Post engagement photos but before we were stopped at an intersection and someone backed into us in Anthony's new card.

Obsessed with Q.

If my brother holds one, he has to hold them both.

First show in the new Eccles Theater. Bless Ryan Adams.

Animal therapy day at work - Florence brought beautiful Gemma in.

Pizza Nono in my hood is excellent.

Traveling to various destinations trying to find a spot to take formal wedding photos. Pretty sure we got in a fight that day.

Lavender cookies from Eva's.

Wedding presents!

That creepy daycare that no one ever sees kids in and nothing ever changes. I saw someone outside it!

Meghan and Celisse hosted a lovely bridal shower for me. It was strange being the bride and having all the attention, but it was a cozy bunch of my favorite ladies and sugar cookies from Birdie's.

Best hostesses.

DC friends forever!

And no lame bridal shower games - this was actually fun.

Martin and Lindsay got married. We celebrated.

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