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Archives - July 2017

Publik Kitchen

Love our neighborhood. Delicious breakfast and Anthony drinking milk from a tiny jar. 
The toast with goat cheese and tomato jam is most excellent.

Cleaning out my place to make room for Anthony. Finding treasures from the days when I worked at NatGeo.

Aren't these beautiful?

More cleaning out treasures. I sure miss that keyboard and BBM.

Fourth of July - more location scouting for our formal wedding photos. This is down in Diamond Fork and spoiler alert - we chose here. Or rather, I did.

Anthony's dad's cousin has an excellent party set up, so we spend the afternoon of the Fourth at the pool with burgers. Best day.

Then we played water balloons with the nieces until fireworks. Q couldn't quite throw it hard enough, so she'd just hand one to you.

Funniest story ever, Dave and Mike were roommates in LA, once upon a time. Dave moved away to NYC, and the two of them haven't really stayed in touch. Mike is still in LA. Well, Dave came to Utah to visit, and we planned a lunch meet up. We walked in, saw Mike, I thought the two of them had spoken and arranged it knowing they'd both be in town, but it was totally coincidental. I love how the universe works sometimes.

Bluebird Cafe at Sundance. Best summer activity. Even Anthony loved it, and he's not into country music.

Laid Back Poke Shack. Two thumbs up.

Trying out all the rings.

First time at Sweetaly.


Visit up to Girls Camp in Aspen Lakes. I only ever get to go for an evening, and sometime I really should stay for a couple days.

Say yes to Goodly Cookies.

Albion Basin - wildflower season

Utah is amazing.

Marriage license day - eeeek.

Trio dinner.

School project. I guess you never escape these types of presentations.

I loved our wedding invites.

Testing out our new waffle maker. Thanks, wedding presents.

A couple weeks before the wedding I had to fly to St Louis for work. Such a quick trip, only one night and nothing even came out of it, but whatever. At least I had one delicious meal there and caught up on the gossip from the NYC office.

Sugarfire BBQ was okay. I'd go elsewhere next time I'm in STL.

But bless the QT! Best gas station. I sure miss having one around.

And on the way home I had a layover at DFW. Convenient that little bro works for an airline and could come meet me at the gate to hang out.

Back home, representing at the Corporate Games. I hate running but I did the 5k. Slowly.

Best Taiwanese snacks at Tea Bar. Chicken popper things and scallion pancakes. Mmmm.

Guardsman Pass hike. Got caught in a lightning storm and did all the wrong things. We ran back to the car in the storm and thankfully were okay. But not good to be at the top of a mountain, under trees and near a body of water. Not good.

Happy to be alive. Afternoon lightning storms are no joke.

Trying out that waffle maker again with chicken and waffles. Man, it's a lot of work to fry that chicken right. I'd rather outsource.

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