Friday, February 08, 2019

A Trip to the Blueberry Farm - May 2018

Anthony didn't get a chance to see the blueberry farm empire he was marrying into before we tied the knot, so it was time to take him on an Oklahoma visit. We left on a Tuesday morning, landed in Ft Smith early afternoon, and went straight to the farm. Too bad the berries weren't ripe yet.

Sadie was digging in the dirt.

We did a little tour of downtown Poteau.

This building was in bad shape and had lots of cats in it. Of course Anthony wanted to check it out.

The next morning we went to the Heavener Runestone. I think I went once in eighth grade. We got stuck at a train stop for awhile. Who know if the Vikings really came through here.

After a fancy lunch at Bud's we drove down to Robbers Cave State Park. Bud's is an institution, and you run into everyone you know.

We took a detour to a random cemetery on the drive home.

Mom and I went to pick up tacos at the Heavener taco stand while Anthony and Dad dug out the guns at the farm.

Thursday it was time to drive to the top of the world's highest hill.

I guess missionaries leave their mark on the back of the sign? That was unexpected.

In the afternoon we drove to the Spiro Mounds. Silly them, they don't accept credit cards, so we had to drive 20 minutes back into town to get cash, then return. My new business venture idea is going back to Poteau and setting up websites/digital payment options for small businesses in the area. It's sorely needed.

We went with mom and dad down the scenic Talimena Drive on our way to dinner at the Rock House. It's especially gorgeous in the fall.

The Rock House

Worth a stop when you want a steak or something a little nicer. Some friends also joined us for dinner, and they took leftovers home for the raccoons that visit their porch every night. Anthony was very intrigued by this, of course, so we drove up to their house on the hill after dinner and he fed the coons.

Hanging at home with Sadie.

Dad had a client appreciation lunch to mark his 25 years in Poteau. It made the paper, even the front page feature!

We helped set things up at the civic center.

It was really nice to see friends who came, and I'm glad Anthony got to meet a few great people who I grew up with. And the chef from Bud's restaurant did the BBQ and it was incredible. Also his mom made the chocolate cake, and it's the best chocolate cake I have ever had. No joke.

Well, they're friends now.

Our last afternoon, we drove down to Cedar Lake, down by the prison.

Anthony went for a dip.

Last night at home. Hanging on the porch. And then we ventured down to the Coffee Cup for some music. My old band director is in a band, and it was quite fun to see him and say hello.

Tanner and Kimber came to town and brought Margot.

Back to the farm.

Kimber said I could only post the photo with her face covered.

Time to go home! Really great week at home. Anthony would totally move there.

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