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Archives - May 2018

May - stuff that was not one of two trips we took. Found a delicious one pan chicken tortellini veggie thing that was delicious and pretty easy to make. I've kept making it.

No other place I'd rather be at church than with these ladies. We went bowling one night.

Carol came to town and I was so happy to be part of her dress shopping experience. Just like me, she find the right one early on and cancelled the other appointments for the day. Go with your gut and don't feel like you have to try on every single dress. That's my advice.

Anthony and I were the lucky recipients of not one, but two gift cards to Log Haven for our wedding. We used one to celebrate my graduation.

The alpine nachos are a must - forest mushrooms, speck and fontina.

I had fish.

And of course, dessert.

Millcreek is the best canyon. Maybe.

The long awaited day....after failed attempts to purchase Hamilton tickets and losing the lottery every day, my parents generously offered to get me a ticket for graduation. And miraculously, some official ones were still available in random spots, and I didn't even had to pay a scalper. Anthony didn't want to go, so I rolled solo.

I wanted to go into the show without nothing anything (except what I remember from US History, duh). I hadn't listened to the music, didn't know a word. And it was absolutely wonderful, and then I felt okay after putting the soundtrack on repeat. Would see again.

The Jazz did pretty well and ended up in the playoffs - Lacey had tickets, so I went. I probably should to go more Jazz games?

Niece time = best time. 

Happy birthday, brother!

Laziz is so good. I wish I could go there every week. Meghan and I had a week night dinner.

H had her preschool graduation.

She knew all the words and actions.

Courtney wanted to run a race for her birthday, so we signed up for this bounce house race thing.

I was weirdly intimidated by some of this stuff. And I also got completely winded by this dinky race, which led me to some investigations with my doctor. Conclusion, I probably have POTS, at least mildly. My heart rate goes way up.

Temple night with the best girls.

Trip updates next! Oklahoma and Monument Valley. 

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