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Archives - June 2018

June! I signed up to a be a running buddy for Girls on the Run - they have their annual spring race event and train for a few weeks. I was assigned to a school team, but when I went by once to practice with them, no one was there. I showed up on race day and once again, my school wasn't there, even though they had a designated area. Luckily Tara, who was working the event, didn't have much to do and so we ran the 5k together.

These pancakes are the best.

I went to the doctor for some routine stuff and my arm suffered greatly from a blood draw.

Lacey and Ian hosted a murder mystery dinner. Anthony and I played the roles of Lucie Gucie and Miles Latout. Thanks to the DI for hooking us up with costumes.

The mystery box is from ages ago, so when we got the game out we had to play a cassette tape. Who has one of those anymore?

Saturday date in Provo - we made soap.

Little Hal had a dance recital. Mostly chaos.

Pretty Bird is so dang good.

Way overdue to try out the Lodge at Snowbird. Day pass for the win!

Happy Father's Day!

We visited the nieces and Anthony went to take a nap on the couch - they followed him and "napped" too.

She is just a doll.

Ogden Twilight - Bonobo was so good.

My parents came to town - more on that in a bit.

So back in May while I was home visiting my parents, we got a call that my cousin Brittanny was rushed to the hospital, and she passed away very unexpectedly. We don't know for sure what happened, as she wasn't ill. Maybe a blood clot. We are the same age, so this is pretty shocking. I wasn't able to attend her service, but I'll always remember her love of the beach.

And a few days later in May, we got a call that my cousin Ryan had been in a terrible car accident in Colorado. He was in the hospital for almost a month and went through several surgeries. He eventually came home, but a few days after that on Father's Day, he passed away too. He and my brother are the same age (both younger than me), so this is just really sad all around. His funeral was in Utah, so my parents and rest of the family came out. Ryan was just the best storyteller. We'd laugh forever when we hung out with him.

We did have a nice lunch after nearby at a church, and I will always be thankful for people who provide meals at funerals. One less thing to think about. I will definitely sign up to help next time there is a funeral where I can help serve food. It was a really sad occasion but also nice to gather everyone together.

All Ryan's cousins from both sides of the family.

Pretty neat to be with Grandma Williams and one of her great-grandkids.

All the Williams cousins.
Grandma is always directing us every time we are together.

Cousins kids together.

Yep, she's telling the little ones what to do. This is how I grew up.

On to happier things - we got cupcakes later that evening and found a carnival.

A little soccer.

Some Waffle Love on the way to Ogden Twilight again.


Anthony's family reunion! There are 12 kids in his mom's family, so every 12 years each sibling plans it, and this year it was my mother-in-law's turn. We all helped out in planning. We brought games and the meat and everyone else brought sides and desserts. We had yum food and then got to swim in the park, which we had all to ourselves. Still like 150 people or something....big ole Mormon families...

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