Thursday, June 06, 2019

Archives - Nov 2018

Stuff that happened in Utah before I went off on an adventure.

I apparently hit a Spotify limit, and that made me really mad. I think they have since updated, so this isn't a problem. I can't just stop liking music and adding it to my library.

I don't remember who shared these on Instagram stories one day, but I had a huge laugh about these. Huge laugh.

Little hike in Millcreek Canyon.

I loved this game at OrangeTheory - keep track of how many meters you row each time, and sail around the world. I didn't get to finish this game because I did go halfway around the world for real in the middle of playing.

A final look at my old office at AMEX.

Goodbye, cubicle.

Rufus du Sol with Meghan! I listen to them so, so much.

Getting into the Christmas spirit a little early...

Parentals came into town, and I took them to the Family History Library. They have some really fun interactive exhibits.

They came in for little Q's birthday.

I finally got to use my fun ice cream wrapping paper.

My favorite pizza at Slab is the lasagna one, and I finally learned that it's named after my cousin's wife. Kinda rad.

The little ones got a trip to Build-a-Bear.

She wanted a ladybug party. She's the cutest ladybug.

Early Thanksgiving dinner with the Roberts clan.

I made a fancy brussels sprouts dish.

And that was it - off to India next!

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