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Archives - April 2021

Back to April. Still staying home, still lots of cat photos.

Got vaccine dose two. Grateful.

One of our neighbors lost their child in a weird car accident. Everyone else was fine. Her favorite color was purple, so the neighborhood put up purple ribbons for her. Sadly, they also lost another child to cancer a few years go. So terribly sad.

Towel snuggles.

One of my favorite snacks - toast, goat cheese, tomatoes and balsamic glaze.

Ordered all these books from a local shop. Excited about them all.

These babies now have to solve puzzles to get treats. Leo needs a challenge, he gets bored.

Popped back to the old neighborhood for dinner and dessert. 


Nono is the best, and sometime in 2022 they'll have a new location across the way from my neighborhood. I'm stoked.

Hand pies are super trendy in Utah right now. I think this one had too much going on for me.

Easter dinner with the Roberts.

And General Conference weekend.

Pandemic jokes. This one made me lol.

At the beginning of all the pandemic mess, with supply chain issues, we decided to take food storage a little more seriously. We started to stock our bar shelves downstairs with lots of canned goods, and we ordered a couple buckets of stuff for longer term storage. It feels good to have this.

Best face.

We did a quick over-nighter to some warm springs with Anthony's caving buddy, Tom, and his girlfriend Elle. Note that I said warm springs, not hot springs.

 We made delicious campfire pizza.

The springs - Gandy, they're called.

Back home, Miriam's favorite spot to splay.

Reading Boomtown, about OKC. I love that Gary England is in there. Any Oklahoman knows this guy. He came to my school a couple times when I was a kid to do his weather and tornado presentation. He's the guy you want on the weather channel when the sirens are going off.

Work from home perks. Lap cats.

It's spring.

These bushes bug me most of the year, except when they're yellow.

I guess I booked some beautiful salmon.

We got a Leo sized box.

Courtney brought the kids over one afternoon to hang out. Little A is obsessed with animals, and he ran in yelling, "two cats, pet them, pet them!"


Anthony knows a Syrian family that has a food truck, so we had to check it out. Of course they weren't going to make us pay, which I think we were successful in having them take our money. But they gave us more than we ordered. Arab hospitality is something else.

Allen Park is right up the road from our house, and it's a weird little SLC park with a long history, but it's been left in its decaying state. Kinda fun to check out.

Leo got a backpack. We take him around the block and he loves it. Miriam's a bit more scared, but she'll go for a little bit.

The time was nearing to go back to the office in person. I had no idea what to wear, so I ordered a trunk from Nordstrom and started shopping for new clothes.

A guy in my neighborhood/church congregation works for the Jazz, and he offered to take some of the teenagers on a tour of the arena.

My buddy likely took this photo. Still cracks me up that he works for New Kids.

Spring keeps springing.

Totally forgot what I made, but it looks good.

Tried out a new trendy spot in our old 'hood - Lola. It was great.

Then found a quirky little music and book shop in an alley.

Met up with Tom and Elle again for the cereal ice cream place. It was ... fine.

I planted bulbs last fall, and by a miracle, I got tulips.

We went back out to the Golden Spike and Spiral Jetty with cousin Julie and Jesse. Julie always wanted to go with her brother, but sadly he didn't get to see this before he died. So we did a trip, and I advised them to bring their waders. Way more fun to get out to the water's edge.

The usual night in.

Look at these beauties.

We rounded out the end of April with my first trip to Capitol Reef - up next!

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