Friday, January 07, 2022

Weekend in Capitol Reef - May 2021

The first weekend in May we popped down to Capitol Reef. It's the closest park to SLC - about 3.5 hours drive, and I'd never been. After being there, it might be my favorite park. The scenery is incredible, and it's quiet! The campground in the park was full, and I didn't quite feel like roughing it that weekend, so we got a motel room. 

We spent the first afternoon in the Grand Wash. Anthony's been here before, and it was a good starting point. Easy walk, mostly flat, lots of looking up. 

Fruita is an old settlement and the heart of the park. There are some incredible pies made here, but we missed out this time. 

Can't get over how pretty this is. 

Checked into motel room. was not ready for us. And it was an awkward exchange when I went back to the front desk. We went to dinner while they fixed it up. 

First location of Curry Pizza is down here, and we're fans of it. 

Next day we headed into the Cathedral Valley. If you want to do the full loop, they recommend a high clearance 4WD vehicle (which we do not have) because YOU HAVE TO DRIVE IN A RIVER for like 100 feet. It was a foot high around the time we went. Did not want to try, so we drove to the other starting point of the loop and went until we wanted to turn around. I'd really like to come and rent a jeep for a couple days. It really seems like the best way to see a lot of this backcountry area. 

I really wanted to see the Temple of the Sun and Moon, so here we are. Hardly passed anyone else out here.

This is part of Glass Mountain, full of selenium. There are so many different kids of earth formations out here, it's incredible. 

Look at those layers!

The layers, the colors, it's amazing. 

On the way back through town we stopped to see the petroglyphs on the side of the rock. 

Dinner in Torrey at a place that was packed, but so-so. 

The last morning we took the scenic drive down to Capitol Gorge. 

There's the Pioneer Register, where all the past folks who came would stand on top of their wagons and carve their names. Up high, so flood water didn't wash it away. 

This is a really great area to explore. 

On the drive back we pulled over at this trail and started up the hill. 

Rain clouds and lightning soon arrived. 

We decided to get outta there before the storm rolled in over us. Funny story - we came back to this hike in Thanksgiving, and I hated it. Worst hike here. Don't do the wagon trail, it's dumb. 

See ya later, Fruita. 

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