Thursday, September 22, 2005


Lots to catch up on - lots going on. However, last week's rave birthday party took it out of me. I'm tired. I don't want to do anything, not even socialize, which is rather rare. I want to get my life back! So many people called or emailed last week to wish me a happy birthday, and I haven't even returned their messages. Sorry everyone! I'm slowly getting down the list though.

So the 2nd week of Sept, N came to visit from AZ. He's a family friend and came into town for a few days. His mom was here for a conference too, so we had dinner with her one night. Super nice; she took us to a great Spanish restaurant in Old Town that I've wanted to try for a long time. Great food, plus great flamenco! I felt like I was back in Spain; I almost cried. Viva Espana!

That Saturday we took on a rather ambitious venture - 20 hours in NYC. N had never been, and everyone should go at least a few times in their life. We caught the 6:30am Chinatown bus, got there at 11 and had lots of time to play. I think the Big Apple was a tad overwhleming for N, considering that he's from a farm in the middle of nowhere AZ. He easily stepped it up to NY pace and had a good time. The first thing we did was to run to the Avenue Q lottery. I've tried to see this show every time I go to NYC, but paying $100+ isn't really my idea of fun. However, for some shows they do a lottery drawing and if you win, you get tix for $20 on the front row. The stars aligned just right, and we won! It's the funniest thing I've seen in a long time, and it's especially relevant to my point in life. If you're just outta college and wondering what to do with your life - go see this show.

I think I realized on this trip how much I love the East. How much I really fit here. I love these cities - DC, Philly, NYC, Boston. I think I'll be around here for awhile longer. Sorry Cali, I can't leave just yet.......

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Andre said...

You can't go to California! It's gonna sink and its far too off center for you lil missy. You need cafe schmoozing, laptops and coffee and the country's best theater and entertainment. Thats here on the east!

Cali doesnt deserve you, you got some stuff over here to wow the East with! :P

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