Monday, September 26, 2005


My backup is getting married.

That's weird. I'm in shock. My heart just sunk a little bit. You hear all the time that people fall for their best friends/exes when it's too late. That's not the case with me, but it's still a very strange feeling. He's the guy that I've known for 10 years. He probably knows me better than anyone in the world. He's the relationship that I base everything on - where I learned a lot about myself and how I exist in relationships. That was a really long time ago, and we've both changed a lot since then, but still. It's bizarre.

We just talked on the phone, catching up like we do every few weeks. We talked about Christmas this year, and since I'm actually going home, I mentioned I wanted to have time to drive up to Tulsa and see him and other high school friends. Then he chimes in with, "Well, I have some big news. I bought a ring." They've been together for 4 years, and it's about time. I've never met her though; I wonder if I would like her. Guess we'll find out! I know my and J's relationship will now change. That's happening with nearly everyone I know. Coming down to the singles vs marrieds. So far, so good. But we'll see.

In other happy news, the new computer I ordered yesterday is about to ship - a week ahead of time. Yay. I'm excited. And I get really cheap software through my company, which I also ordered today. I'll be all hooked up at the end of the week.

I just signed up for Netflix too - finally. First up - the first season of Lost. EVERYONE is talking about it. I can't escape. I hate not being in on the action. Time to play catch up.

Work's starting to get stressful. Lots going on, at a rather quick pace. Mostly on the potential bird flu pandemic that could erupt and kill 180 million people worldwide. Scary! October's National Geographic has a great article - check it out. I'm realizing that my stress level is now directly related to how much I run each day. Today - 2.5 miles. The end of the week, probably 10. Heh....

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