Monday, September 12, 2005

Durka Durka

Recap: Fabulous Labor Day weekend in Philly with the girls. It's always nice to have time with the roomies (plus JF). We hit the beach in Atlantic City on Saturday, though just briefly. That place is a hole. Originally they wanted to spend the entire day there to maximize beach time, but once we arrived they were quick to realize that a couple hours is enough.

The first evening in Chinatown (Where does the Shanghai Express get all that junk?!) delightfully unearthed Pocky and fun soda bottles with marbles in them. So very Japanese. JF kindly introduced us. We posed with gigantic board game pieces and made our way down monument row.

Other Philly essentials: Rita's Water Ice, Art Musuem complete with the Rocky steps (I can't believe I've never seen any of those movies. Sorry, Sly), Liberty Bell, the mirror mosaic house and a Labor Day Block Party in the ghettos of Philly. Some of the best food I've eaten in a long time! And let me say, even the 2-year-old had more rhythm than I do......

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