Saturday, May 27, 2006

Scatterbrained Saturday of Shopping and Shakespeare

Boy, that title's a mouthful. Onward!

Last night hotel 314 was near capacity, though Caro graciously gave up her bed via text message for a guest. The two J's were over, needing a place to crash temporarily. J1 is on a mission to find a place in DC, now that he's started working downtown. He's currently living in Frederick, so the whole 4 hours a day on a train thing really isn't working. Time for him to come play in the city! I'm glad to have a good friend back from abroad that I can hang out with reguarly. J2 is between leases, so he's crashing our place for a few days. Hope he doesn't stumble in too drunk too late tonight, as he doesn't yet have the spare keys. I'm trying to stay awake til that happens, but we'll see.

We didn't actually end up looking at any apartments today for J1, but whatev. The one place he wanted to see has all sorts of bad reviews online, so I advised him just to skip it. We decided to head to Georgetown to enjoy the weather. Too nice to stay inside, and nothing else to do. That darn Circulator bus makes it too easy to get there and spend $, which is precisely what I ended up doing!

Took me about 15 minutes to actually get out the door this morning. I swear Niki's rubbing off on me. I thought I was ready when I hit the door. Wait, I need an umbrella. Ran upstairs to get it. Back down. Need a jacket. Up. Down. Windy - my skirt blows up - change clothes. Back to the door, left keys somewhere. Searched for a few minutes, found them back upstairs. Finally made it out. I'm sure there were a few more trips up and down. Lost my mind today a bit.

We hit Gtown Park Mall for an ATM and a couple cookies, opting to walk through JCrew to get back to the street. Uh, bad idea. I walked out with 2 tanks and a polo. What happened to my shopping budget?

Mexx is fast turning into my favorite store. Awesome sales, if you're patient. This weekend all the sales stuff was marked down another 25%, so what did I do? Took about 20 items into the dressing room. Only came out with 5, all super cute stuff and in colors I don't normally buy - aqua and white. And an amazing brown skirt. Yay for sales! I'm excited to wear them. I used to "save" my new clothes, keeping them in the closet for a few weeks before their debut. Times have changed - tomorrow will display a couple new purchases.

I hope I got some sun today. We chilled at Dean and Deluca, sipping our sodas and soaking rays before heading home. Afternoons like that are near perfect. Now if only the tan will show up....

Tonight a small group of friends went to the Shakespeare Free for All at the Carter Barron ampitheatre in Rock Creek Park. Lovely setting, free theatre, weird story, a tad long, but good and fun. Pirates and brothels, people coming back from the dead, what else do you need in a play?

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