Sunday, May 14, 2006

Today I Woke Up as a Blonde

No really, I kid you not. Yesterday I thought I could get used to it. Then I freaked out and called my mom to fix it. 8am - Happy Mother's Day, Mom, and uh, what do I do? I played with hair dye, and I lost.

I started Saturday well, running errands and such. Hit Dupont, Georgetown, Chinatown. As I descended into the drugstore that's weirdly placed in Bed, Bath and Beyond, I had no idea what I'd be up against. On occasion I play with my hair color, usually nothing too permanent and nothing too drastic. Since summer is coming I decided it was time to take a turn towards the warmer, rather than darker. Saw some "caramel" highlights designed specifically for brunettes. Perfect! I grabbed some other fun stuff too, confirming my love of drugstores. All the makeup possibilities! It's great fun.

When I got home, Caro helped me with the tedious, tiring task of pulling the perfect amount of hair through all those holes in the plastic cap. Finally finished, I mixed the special chemicals in the plastic tub for my gorgeous caramel that was to come.

With naturally dark hair, the instructions said to leave it on for 50-70 minutes until hair reaches a "pale yellow." I was supposed to let it pass through the bright yellow and gold stages before it reached the ideal pale color. After about 35 minutes, all I saw was straw yellow hair. Hmmm.....

I decided to rinse. Get out now. My hair looked and felt like straw. Ewh. I dried it. WAY drastic. Super light in the front and all over - not subtle at all. Despite my best efforts to limit the effects, it was everywhere.

K, maybe I can get used to it. Did it once before and it was pretty light, I actually liked it later. Caro said the back was perfectly colored and blended. Just the front was weird. I left it for the night and didn't think about it. After all, I'm not the one that has to look at it.

When I woke up today, I freaked. There was NO way I was going to get used to this. I did some online research, called my mom, and decided to go back to the natural color. I managed to make it through one hour of church (with the hair pulled up and outta sight), then I busted out and went straight to CVS for a remedy. Thank goodness for Nutmeg hair dye without ammonia. Did the trick perfectly and softened it up a bit. Whew! It's actually a tad darker now. What on earth was I thinking? Never again will I go lighter. I will embrace my brunette to the fullest from here on out!

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