Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Netflix Neurosis

I really have a problem. Does this happen to anyone else? I wouldn't really consider myself a movie buff. I like them, sure, but music/concerts/playing instruments is really more up my alley. Then I signed up for Netflix. With a queue at 130+ movies and growing, I'm never going to catch up! I'm headed towards a lifetime subscribership.

I've become quite particular as to my movie-viewing schedule. I'm very well aware that I need to get movies sent in on Thursday morning so I have a new one (or two or three) for the weekend. They don't mail new ones on Saturday, so those mailed on Friday sit until Monday. I usually try and watch 1-2 early in the week so I get them out by Thursday and the crop stays fresh.

I was exhausted last night after a long day at work and had to get up early today for tutoring, but I just had to watch one. The long weekend messed up the normal schedule. Thankfully I had a foreign film that I watched on speed 2x – works perfectly! Cut the time in half, I could still hear the music playing quickly and had plenty of time to read the subtitles. Is that wack? Or does anyone else do this?

1 comment:

The Equalizer said...

You're the only one who does it...weirdooooo! lol

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