Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Back to No Imagination for Titles

I just discovered that SAM has Super Mario 3 on his computer. Like 10 minutes ago I found this out. It's 12:45am and it's gonna be a long night - I'm addicted! The music is bringing back my childhood, and I still know all the secrets. Yay for old school Nintendo!

LOST was solid tonight, I took a sick day from work (yes, I actually felt sub-par), and I had a delicious Subway sandwich for dinner after walking through the March snow. And my fridge got fixed today (though I felt really ridiculous when nothing was actually wrong with the fridge - the repair guy pointed out that the electrical socket had gone bad, and I've suffered through 10 days without fresh food, all because I didn't try a different plug. Sucks.)

I smothered lots of frosting on SAM's birthday cookie, and caught up on DVR. Life is good. If only I could manage to put away all the clothes that are hogging 2/3 of my bed....

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