Monday, March 26, 2007

Hip Hopping and Missing the Beat

Another Monday survived after a crazy weekend. The concerts exhausted me, the ward dinner party that I hosted with people I didn't know seemed awkward at times (am I really going to converse with those guests on a regular basis now? That's the point of the whole thing, but will it work? I hope so...), the Georgetown game gave me a cardio workout, and the long talks with SAM kinda drained me. At least my HOYAS are moving on!

I used to be a good dancer. I took gymnastics and dance classes, and was always the first to learn a new routine. I'd be placed in the front row, center, so everyone could watch if they got lost. I never forgot choreography. Fast forward to now, 8+ years later, yeah, I can't learn a few 8 counts in a hip hop class to save my life. I went with a couple coworkers to a drop-in class tonight, just to try it out. It was crowded; I ended up in the front and center, but it was obvious rather quickly that I've lost my dance mojo! I intended to practice at home tonight, but I've already forgotten the steps. Ah, the things of youth long gone....

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