Monday, March 12, 2007

Currently Listening to Unkle Bob

Yay for the Grey's Anatomy message boards. Within 4 minutes of the last show ending, I was able to find that heartsick song that played at the end, right when Izzy and Denny had their moment. Yay for February sweeps. And even though Unkle Bob could only be downloaded thru the UK Itunes right then, someone quickly remedied that the next day. Yay for the internet.

I'm going to stop saying Yay right now.

My HOYAS are Big East Champs! If only I could figure out what to do with my bracket. I can do up to 3 different brackets on my account in my office pool. many scenarios.

I made a cake yesterday from scratch. Two pounds of butter in the cake and frosting. Amazing. Tastes oh-so-good. Kudos to Martha S. And I made amazing stuffed salmon and orzo with veggies and lemon juice. I'm the bomb.

FHE the last two weeks hasn't been as painful as I thought. I'm glad I went.

My grandpa from AZ called me yesterday, which he never does, and he's certain that I need to call this optometry student that gave him an eye exam a few weeks ago. He got his number for me, told him his granddaughter would be calling, and maybe we could swap pictures on the internet or "whatever you kids do these days - I don't understand it." Huh. I've done crazier things (like swapping numbers with a guy in the car next to me on the interstate or taking a 12-hour roadtrip to see a band with a girl I'd only met online). I'm considering it, just for fun.

Time for bed. Daylight savings time has really messed me up.

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