Sunday, November 16, 2008

Musical Monday

So Snow Patrol's new album is basically amazing in so many ways; the second single was my instant first love (and super obvious to any who hears it) and we now have a video.  

This certainly won't be the last post about the album.  I discover new gems in it every day. Lyrically, Gary Lightbody does it right.  He tends to write more break-upish tracks, but this one, this one, I want to meet the woman who inspired it.  And maybe even be that for someone else.

I'll keep raving later. 

Go get the album.
Can't wait for the tour.

Crack The Shutters


Ms. Liz said...

*raising hand high above head* TESTIFY!!! I totally second and echo any and all. It's an amazing album and that's a euphoric track

Nicole said...

Liz turned me on to this album too, and it's been on continuous repeat for a while. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

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