Sunday, September 13, 2009

No Room to Talk

Two things that happened to me recently that I feel somewhat dumb about.

1) My iPod is, for better or worse, one of my treasures. It's always within an arm's reach. As I hopped into my car on Saturday, I reached for the auxiliary cord to plug it into the speakers and start up the jams, and realized the plug wouldn't go into the headphone jack. I tried again. No luck. I started looking down into the iPod and realized that the broken silica gel pack that's been in the bottom of my purse for a couple weeks now had a little bead sneak into the headphone jack. Perfect size, all the way down to the bottom and completely stuck in. Why oh why didn't I clean those out?! Why did I let them roll around in the bottom of my bag for so long? I started to panic. This was already my 3rd iPod of the year already! When I finally got home I dug out a safety pin and attempted to rescue the music, no to avail. Time to book an appointment at the Genius Bar. I sheepishly took my treasure to the desk, explained, and as expected, my Genius had seen this many times before, in addition to rice and other objects getting stuck. After a few minutes, solved! Amazing. He's my hero for the week. I learned my lesson sort of the hard way, with a few hours of uncertainty.

2) My car has been filthy after parking it outside for a month and taking several road trips. One night I decided I absolutely just had to wash it that day cause I couldn't handle it another minute. Small problem - it's impossible to find a car wash in my neighborhood that isn't a full service hand wash. None of those places are open at 10pm on a Monday. I drove around for half an hour, while I and my patient passenger were both using our phones to Google car washes. Absolutely NOTHING in the area. I finally gave up and headed home, but drove right past a new gas station that had a brand new car wash for only $1.99. Amazing! I went inside to purchase a car wash, and even though I didn't purchase gasoline (and therefore should not have gotten the $1.99 price) I apparently made the cute little clerk nervous that he gave me the special because I was "such a pretty lady." Haha. Sweet.

I drove around back, punched my code into the machine and got ready for the wash. Except this car wash was different. Usually you pull forward til the stoplight turns red, then you put the car in park and wait for the wash, right? Right?. Not this one - it had a conveyor belt that I was supposed to drive on to, then put my car in neutral. Which I didn't really figure out until the wash had completed an entire cycle, assuming that my car was on it. Uh.... I had to back out, running over metal poles, looking like an idiot because yes, someone else had pulled into the line behind me. I paid again at the box and finally got my car on the track. A reminder to me that even though I've had my driver's license for 13 years now, I spent 8 of those years in a place where I didn't drive. Ooops.

Moral of the story - I went out to lunch with a friend this weekend, someone I don't know all that well. I shared a couple of those dumb moments and he said - don't take this the wrong way, but if those are your biggest problems in life, I'd say you've kinda got it made.

He's right. And I know that. I really am grateful that these "huge" problems I'm dealing with are absolutely nothing, and I mean NOTHING, in the grand scheme of things. Time to count my blessings and perhaps prepare for a time when my luck will swing the other way. It's bound to come sometime.

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