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Last June Update - Brother Gets Married

Apologies in advance for the ridiculously long post ahead.

After running around in Oklahoma and Chicago for 10 days, I was back in Phoenix for 48 hours – long enough to do a load of laundry (but only at the last minute, since I just couldn’t bring myself to tackle it right away). Then off to Utah for little brother’s wedding! Easily the biggest event in our family in quite awhile. I couldn’t wait to get there. However, US Airways had other ideas.

Scheduled to leave at 4:50pm on Wednesday. Arriving in Utah around 7:30pm. Old friend B was going to pick me up from the airport (since my family and Courtney’s family would be at the temple) and we were going to have a lovely dinner.

Except we didn’t get to do that.

I showed up at the airport, not checking bags since I wasn’t about to pay for them. I had my usual duffle, purse and laptop, which I lugged over to Gate C something. As soon as I get settled, I hear an announcement that there’s a gate change, all the way over in A something. From one…

True Love

Video wasn't working upon first glance - here's the link.

Chi-town Wedding!

After a week of reliving high school, blueberry picking and working at dad's office, it was time to pack up and head back to Chicago. Yay! Chicago in the summertime, couldn't be better. My trip didn't turn out entirely as planned, but was still worth the trek.

I flew in Thursday evening and went back to Kerri's, home of the coolest cats ever. I was on my own during the day Friday and decided to go for a run on Lakeshore, since that's what you do in the summertime in Chicago. I was a few miles away from Kerri's place when I saw huge dark storm clouds coming in. Time to head back, and quickly! I started to sprint and the rain started coming down. Not two seconds after I stepped back into Kerri's building, the HUGEST clap of thunder went bang right over my head and it started to pour like nothing I'd seen in a long time. How's that for timing? Side note - I was terrified of thunderstorms as a child and sometimes still am. The cats were cowering under t…

No Room to Talk

Two things that happened to me recently that I feel somewhat dumb about.
1) My iPod is, for better or worse, one of my treasures. It's always within an arm's reach. As I hopped into my car on Saturday, I reached for the auxiliary cord to plug it into the speakers and start up the jams, and realized the plug wouldn't go into the headphone jack. I tried again. No luck. I started looking down into the iPod and realized that the broken silica gel pack that's been in the bottom of my purse for a couple weeks now had a little bead sneak into the headphone jack. Perfect size, all the way down to the bottom and completely stuck in. Why oh why didn't I clean those out?! Why did I let them roll around in the bottom of my bag for so long? I started to panic. This was already my 3rd iPod of the year already! When I finally got home I dug out a safety pin and attempted to rescue the music, no to avail. Time to book an appointment at the Genius Bar. I sheepishly t…

Ten Years in the Making

I was doing so well on the blog updates, then I went out of town again. This week the motivation's back to write, so let's see how it goes....

Back to June. My 10-year high school reunion had been in the works for awhile, first with a MySpace page announcement months ago, then finally a letter in the mail with a schedule of events and a registration form.

I'd already had my plane ticket booked for weeks when the letter arrived. I couldn't wait to go.

I had talked with many other friends about summer plans; everyone had heard about their own 10-year reunions, mentioned how they weren't going or didn't go and almost couldn't believe that I would go and that I was looking forward to it.


I found this puzzling. How could they not go?! But maybe my high school experience was a little different?

I grew up in a small Oklahoma town with a population of 8,000, according to the 2000 census. Most my classmates, me included, couldn't wait to get out of school and…