Thursday, January 06, 2011

Twenty Eleven

Welcome, 2011.

You've kind of sucked a little bit so far.  Well, really only January 2 sucked, and really only the last half of it.  Picture walking around a city all day, tired, cold, a little rainy, already checked out of a hotel with no place to go but the airport, which is full of people coping with delayed flights.  No hope of getting on an earlier one, as the whole system is backed up.  

So we sat.  For hours.  Alas, at 11pm I had a plane to go back to Phoenix.  But no pilot, who would arrive on another flight near midnight.  Landing at Sky Harbor, 3am on the dot.  Checked baggage.  Shuttle to parking lot.  Drive home, sleep at 4am, and attempt to get to work, though having a work computer that doesn't work any longer allowed me to go home and nap a little.  What's the point of being at work if you can't work?

Still no resolution to my computer problem, but hey, as of January 1, I'm in love.  And 2011 can't be all that bad because of that, right?

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katilda said...

love! juicy AND mysterious.

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