Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fabulous Hair and Music

Seeing all the Coachella noise this week makes me slightly sad that I'm not going for the 4th time.  Alas, when I look at the actual set times and line up, I remember that, while good, it's probably worth saving the few hundred dollars that I am by not going.

And I can't feel bad because FINALLY!  TONIGHT!  It's Arcade Fire and Local Natives and it is going to be amazing.

And I got my hair done today (cut and color) and usually I do that on Wednesdays when I work from home, and then I come home and continue to work until 9:30pm, and no one ever sees my fabulous hair styled by Damian.   But tonight I'm going out!  With fabulous hair!  To see amazing music!!

Can ya tell I'm excited?

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