Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Musical Miscellany

In music related speak, the new Kings of Leon documentary is entitled Talihina Sky.  That would be in reference to the town of Talihina, OK, nearby the town of Poteau, OK where I grew up.  If you ever want me to pronounce those two names for you in the local accent, just let me know.

My good high school friend, Scott, appeared in KoL's first music video for King of the Rodeo, and I remember him telling me that he and the band discussed our good ole Southeast Oklahoma roots.  Funny what sort of things come out of that area, like major rock bands and Bigfoot.

As for the new Death Cab album - I'm excited.  I really dig the first single, I love that they tried something new with their music video, and my goodness, did Ben Gibbard get hotter?  Ms. Zooey has done him good, both in the new music and looks department apparently.

Finally, the best 99 cents you could spend this week - picking up the new Friendly Fires single on Amazon.

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nerak said...

I have been so so out of the loop on the music scene lately. Thanks for a reminder to get back in gear! So much great stuff to be listened to!

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