Thursday, June 16, 2011

Trivia Mayhem

New town, new trivia venue - whoa, I was kinda worthless last night.

MCB and I headed out for trivia, unsuccessful in recruiting more team members (LA traffic really does prevent people from getting places on time), so the two of us showed up to the back room of the bar and clearly - we were the outsiders, the new people, the confused ones.

But soon all the regulars found us a table (there were none to be had and we were 30 minutes early) and bar stools and three other regulars welcomed us to form a team with them and voila!  We were in for a good, yet intense, two hours.

This pub quiz doesn't come from a master company that hosts multiple trivia nights around the country, no, this one was written by the long-time local trivia patrons, who've been through a vetting process and are deemed worthy of quizmaster status.  They rotate each week and all apparently have different question styles and topics, etc.  And not only are you answering questions (15 questions each half, 2 minutes per question first half, 1 minute per question second half), you are also completing a challenging handout during each half.  It could be a crossword puzzle, vocab quiz, etc.

Let's see how well you do:
Handout #1
You are given two of the following three - Song Title, Original Recording Artist, Cover Artist.  Fill in the blanks.

Handout #2
The residents of Boonville, CA, an isolated ranching and logging community in Mendocino county, speak a dialect of English that draws heavily from Scottish and Gaelic.  Match these Boontling words to the correct definitions.
I think I'll be back next week.

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