Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Warrior

Finally, after completely dismantling and starting over three more times, my desk is complete.  I promise that I'm not a moron and have successfully assembled plenty of other furniture on the first try, though somehow this one was quite difficult.  The chair and file cabinet proved much easier, and voila!  I have a real home office area.  Looking forward to this upcoming week of having a dedicated space instead of my kitchen table!

Friday I saw Friendly Fires in Hollywood.  They rocked.  I danced.
Saturday I had a delicious ham, egg and cheese sandwich from a small bakery in Brentwood.  I really want to bump into Reese W there one day.
Saturday evening I had the craving for fondue, after reading that the Vitamix can make hot fondue.  I sadly had to return my aunt's Vitamix to her before moving to CA, but I feel a purchase coming on soon!  MCB and I spent the night in eating cheese and watching an intense German flick that I'd highly recommend.
After good church on Sunday, I looked like the Clampetts, helping MCB move to his new apt in Santa Monica.  His moving only took two car trips; we probably could've even made one.  Compare that to my large Budget truck that couldn't even hold everything. Mattress on top - no rope, just rolling down the windows and hanging on.  Easy.
Tomorrow night - The Civil Wars.  I'm sure I'll cry, it'll be so good.

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nerak said...

'they rocked. i danced.'

lauren i miss you! and i miss going to shows with you!!

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