Friday, September 02, 2011

A Little Visit to my Mailbox

Yep, it's that time again.  Time to look at all the funny emails I've received lately for other people.

In case you are unaware:

Part I -
Part II -
Part III -

Common first name + common last name @ Gmail = lots of people who think they're emailing someone else but I receive their messages.  I was first, people!  First on claiming the gmail!  Sometimes I think I'd like to meet all of these senders and supposed receivers.  It'd be a trip.

Here we go.....

Maybe I should've just accepted his request to see if he'd realize some stranger knows exactly where he is all the time.

Okay - it's funny that I now have a Speed Dating account, but the name on it says Scott?  Wack.  Though now that my email address is associated, I can reset the password and make up someone else's email address so they can get all this crap.

A few times  now I have been mistaken for a casting agent or theater director.  Um....nope.  Definitely  not me.

Nope, definitely not me moving to Atlanta either.

Both my grandmas use email (one's on Facebook!) but they at least get my email address correct. I never did see the video from grammy.

This Mary Jane lady has emailed me more times than I can count.  And despite me politely emailing her back and asking her to update her address book or call her daughter and get the correct email address, nope. She keeps sending messages into my black hole.

Same with this guy in Texas.  I got a lot of email from him about family matters, even though this one is old.  I still get them.

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