Friday, September 09, 2011

Tourist Week Continues

My parents came to town last week as part of their summer roadtrip - they flew to Phoenix, drove to Vegas, Bishop, CA (where my dad lived as a kid), Yosemite, Bakersfield (to visit high school friends) and finally to LA, to hang out with me.  They're only a few years away from getting a motor home, methinks.

First stop - a taping of the Tonight Show.  There was a little earthquake that afternoon and even though we were in Burbank around that time, we didn't notice.  I still really want to be in one!  But just a little one.

Heidi Klum (love her!), Kevin Smith (eh) and Fitz and the Tantrums were the guests.  We got there kinda late and didn't have great seats and couldn't take any photos, but my mom grabbed a water bottle that she gifted to me.
Aftwards we ended up in old town Pasadena (love that place), where we shopped and went on a wild goose chase for food trucks at a farmers market.  We ended up at La Grande Orange cafe instead.  Once again I opted for the short rib tacos - yum.  I think dad was impressed with his Moroccan chicken, since it was a whole bird with bones.  You can't find that anymore, he says.
The next day we drove out to Simi Valley to visit the Reagan Library
I had not read up on what I was about to view, so I didn't know what to expect.
There was an Oval Office replica.
I feel like I should go read up on Reagan since I was kind of too young to remember most of what happened.  I think I'll do that.  Trust, but verify.  That sort of thing I need to know about.
We got to the Air Force One part that we thought was the pinnacle and the ending point.  Nope!  We'd only seen half the place.

The Berlin Wall is there, over a lovely view of a valley.
And I guess he loved Jelly Bellys?
We had a nice little lunch outside enjoying the view before we took off.
To Malibu!  We drove on a scary canyon road for many winding miles.  I think it's the last time I do that.  But I finally got to see more of Malibu than I did on my last trip - darn traffic.
It really is the best place.

After a quick breakfast on Saturday, the parents were headed back to AZ.  Back to hotness.  Ugh.

I spent the rest of the weekend out and about.  I did not go to FYF.  But I did meet Erin and the Toddster for lunch in Eagle Rock.  Only the baby was there - it wasn't 3-kid madness this time, though I would've welcomed it.  We tried The Oinkster and I think next time I find myself back in that part of town, I would go there again for sure.
My roommate and I went on a double date on Friday night (group hug at the door, anyone?  Weird).  Syrup was delicious.  I would definitely go back.  Maybe I will work from there one day while snacking on a chocolate covered waffle with whip cream and raspberries.
Here are some random photos that I have taken from various downtown trips.  Downtown LA is a world of its own.  I kinda dig it.  I'll find out more downtown secrets on Saturday when I go on this tour.

Labor Day was glorious - there was no laboring.  I stayed in bed til 1am.  This was awesome.  And then, beach time, of course.  We've got a few more weeks of summer here, which is good, because I still need to work on my tan.

And as I left, another pod of dolphins swam  by.  I love this place.

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