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Wedding Fever

On Friday, shall I be:

Lady Lauren Duckworth Williamscott of Los Angelesham


Countess Lauren Musgrave Williamsskitt of Phoenixshire


Baroness Lauren Tildsley Williamsham of Phoenixbury?

I'll admit I'm a little excited to watch the whole royal wedding go down; I'm going to wear my fascinator headband and attend DVR'd watch party tomorrow night with this one and this one.

The dress will be fab, but Kate's turning into a princess tomorrow - amazing!

Tasty Thailand Travels

Oh Thailand.

After spending tons of time researching HK hotels, I just couldn't make myself plan for Thailand so I came up with a general plan (bought plane tickets to Phuket and booked one adventure trip) and decided to wing it.  This worked out pretty well, since weather and transportation can be unpredictable.  Just gotta take things as they happen.

We left HK on Tuesday morning and landed in Phuket around noon, with a torrential downpour to greet us.
Not a great way to start things off, but what could we do?
After making our way through customs, we had to figure out a way to get out to Phi Phi island, since our plans that night were to camp at Maya Bay.  Or not, since it was pouring.  Lucky us there was a tourist desk selling ferry tickets to Phi Phi, right there.  Maybe we paid a little bit extra, but it was cheap enough and easy.  They got us a taxi driver to take us out to ferry at Ratsada, which is about 45 minutes from the airport.  It poured the whole way, yet people wer…

This Might Be the Most Beautiful Album of the Year

Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues (out on May 4)
Go listen now on NPR to the last track, Grown Ocean.  
I'm only on my second listen, but I'm loving it. 

Feliz Pascua de Resurrección!

On a funny side note, while driving home from the Easter Pageant last night, my roommate started to mention her family's Easter traditions, and I immediately started to think about what we did while I was growing up.

Then it hit me - my brother and I would request the weirdest thing to be in our Easter Basket.

A jar of this.

Why? I have no idea.  I'm sure no other kid in the history of the world has ever asked for that in his Easter basket.  As my brother texted back to me last night, 'we could've gotten something so much better!'

Two Door Cinema Club

I had to settle for Coachella streaming on YouTube this year, which actually wasn't bad.  I saved a few hundred bucks and had an excellent view of a lot of stuff, including Two Door Cinema Club.  I am kicking myself for not getting their album last year!

This is my new jam, on repeat.  The beginning is so-so, but wait until the breakdown at the 2:00 mark and the full on dance party rock out at 2:18.  Goodness, it's good.

And then go listen to more of their fun stuff. It'll make you happy.

Asian Food Addendum

You know you're doing well when your Chinese colleagues comment on how well you use chopsticks, and your Indian colleagues think that you don't know how to use a fork.


Hong Kong Bliss

Asian Adventure Part I

Not to sound ungrateful, but honestly I kind of dreaded making the trek to Hong Kong for work, for several reasons.  It's a lot of work upfront to prepare for these kinds of meetings, and to top it off, I had to coordinate people meeting in HK from Singapore, plus people dialing into meetings from Taiwan and Japan (until the earthquake happened), and trying to get everyone's schedules and agenda items together is a lot.  Plus my boss wasn't going with (she has a newborn) and she's brilliant at these things and I felt like I'd be lost and potentially run over and I was just a little overwhelmed trying to put it all together and run meetings for a full week.

Plus it's a 15 hour plane ride.  Fifteen hours.  When's the last time you sat in one spot for 15 hours and couldn't really go anywhere?  I've done two of those trips and a third felt kinda tough.

However - the things we got accomplished and learned and what we can improve -…

Today's Message Brought to You by Liz (and the people who taught you how to read)

I'm still thinking about blogging about my Asia trip, but I'm not quite there.

Instead, I'll share you with Liz's story about tutoring.  Because it's good, and you should be grateful that you can even read this blog.

Thanks for sharing this story, Ms Liz.

Because he had glasses and a bad back growing up in the 60s he got put in to Special Education and "graduated" high school but with an elementary school reading level. He's been told his whole life that he was dumb and he couldn't do anything. Not OK America! Not OK!

I showed him how to find a Library book. He had no idea. I showed him how to find "The Phantom Tollbooth" and then checked it out. He's never checked out a book before. Until today! Today is the day!

Fabulous Hair and Music

Seeing all the Coachella noise this week makes me slightly sad that I'm not going for the 4th time.  Alas, when I look at the actual set times and line up, I remember that, while good, it's probably worth saving the few hundred dollars that I am by not going.

And I can't feel bad because FINALLY!  TONIGHT!  It's Arcade Fire and Local Natives and it is going to be amazing.

And I got my hair done today (cut and color) and usually I do that on Wednesdays when I work from home, and then I come home and continue to work until 9:30pm, and no one ever sees my fabulous hair styled by Damian.   But tonight I'm going out!  With fabulous hair!  To see amazing music!!

Can ya tell I'm excited?

Do Want.

I now have this in my hands, which means I will be devouring all week!  FNL, I miss you already.

Musical Miscellany

In music related speak, the new Kings of Leon documentary is entitled Talihina Sky.  That would be in reference to the town of Talihina, OK, nearby the town of Poteau, OK where I grew up.  If you ever want me to pronounce those two names for you in the local accent, just let me know.

My good high school friend, Scott, appeared in KoL's first music video for King of the Rodeo, and I remember him telling me that he and the band discussed our good ole Southeast Oklahoma roots.  Funny what sort of things come out of that area, like major rock bands and Bigfoot.

As for the new Death Cab album - I'm excited.  I really dig the first single, I love that they tried something new with their music video, and my goodness, did Ben Gibbard get hotter?  Ms. Zooey has done him good, both in the new music and looks department apparently.

Finally, the best 99 cents you could spend this week - picking up the new Friendly Fires single on Amazon.

Feels Like I've Been Away Forever

What awaits me now:
Piles of laundry (getting rained on in Thailand and having soaked bags = dirty, smelly clothes that never really got dry)
Piles of mail
Piles of Google Reader items
Piles of pictures to edit and share
Piles of new episodes of shows to watch
Jet lag (fingers crossed it's only a couple days and not three weeks like my last Asia trip)

I think I want to stay put for a couple weeks.

Must not fall asleep.  Must not fall asleep.  Must not fall asleep (it's only 4:50pm - too early for bed!)