Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Great Los Angeles Walk

Where was I?

Back in November I rounded up a few friends to join me on the Great LA Walk - a 19 mile walk from downtown LA all the way to the beach in Santa Monica (though I ended up stopping at my house). It's an organized event that's just for fun, no registration or payment required.  Just show up, walk, and explore the city!  Some shops and restaurants along the way had special deals for our group.

First step though, getting up early and taking the bus across the city to DTLA.  Our fellow bus passengers were both entertaining, memorable, and a little scary. An hour later, Haleigh, MK, and I made it to our starting point.

I found Jami and the HB crew in the crowd, and off we went.

First stop, Valerie Confections for some free hot chocolate and sweets.

Stop 2, Scoops, which I skipped because it was too early and cold to eat ice cream.

The main route took us down Melrose, a street I have intended to explore more.  This shop looked darling.

<Insert photo of my and the HB gang here, except I'm in a really weird pose and look terrible.>  Just imagine.

We couldn't resist stopping in here.  Wow.

I spy Ace of Cakes!

And puppies!

Lunch at ink.sack, appropriate, since Carol and I had just dined at Ink.  This is the sandwich shop next door, and of course I had to order the Jose Andres, since I've eaten at almost all of his restaurants.  Anything inspired by him must be just as good!

Wonderful sandwich.  Side of Dr Pepper, and I couldn't have been happier.

At this point it was getting drizzly.  We were hurting and ready to get home.

Beverly Hills, almost home.

Nineteen miles and a couple blisters later, home sweet home.  I missed the after party in Santa Monica along with the group photo, but eh.  I'll do it again next year.

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